Environmental PE Live Online Review Course

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Environmental PE Live Online Review Course

Early Bird Enrollment: November 1st to December 8th

Save $531 through December 8th! This bundle includes your course, required materials, and additional study tools. A $2,504 value for $1,973 when you purchase by December 8th.

Live Online Course Schedule and Instructor Bio:

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About the Course

PPI’s Environmental PE Live Online Review Course provides the tools you need to effectively prepare for and pass the NCEES Environmental PE exam. Since 1975, our time-tested curriculum, expert instructors, and comprehensive materials have successfully prepared more than 3 million examinees.

In addition to 50 hours of live online and OnDemand expert instruction, you’ll complete homework from the Environmental Engineering Reference Manual, Environmental Engineering Practice Problems, and other best-selling materials by PPI Founder Michael R. Lindeburg, PE. Please read below for a complete list of course features.

Your Review Course bundle Includes:

  • 50 hours of online instruction from an industry expert, with a thorough concentration on exam topics. The 50 hours is broken down as follows:

    • 40 hours of live online lectures. Follow along and interact with the class as your instructor reviews key engineering concepts. All live lectures are also recorded and posted to your course page for OnDemand viewing at any time throughout the course.

    • 10 hours of live online office hours. Ask questions about the homework, review additional practice problems, and interact with the instructor and other students. All office hours are also recorded and posted to your course page for OnDemand viewing at any time throughout the course.

  • A full suite of references and study tools by PPI Founder Michael R. Lindeburg, PE, including the Environmental Engineering Reference Manual

  • Detailed handouts of the presentation slides to download and print for convenient note-taking

  • Instructor-graded homework assignments from a structured syllabus

  • An online discussion forum for interaction with the instructor and peers throughout the course

  • A guarantee you will pass the exam, or you can repeat the course for free

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Schedule and Class Meeting Times

This 50-hour live online course is offered on Wednesdays and Saturdays. You have the flexibility to attend the live online classes, or watch the recordings of the live classes at a later time. Please click the link below to view the schedule of live class dates for this course.

The final day to access recordings, handouts, the course forum, and submit homework is Friday, April 21, 2017.

Required Materials & System Requirements

This review course bundle includes all the required materials and study tools you'll need to successfully complete the course—by purchasing together, you save 15%, plus additional Early Bird savings of $150.

This online course is hosted on Adobe Connect. To view system requirements, click here.

Review Course Only

To purchase the review course without the required materials, click here. Please note that the 15% bundle savings, plus additional Early Bird savings of $150, is only valid if you purchase the review course with the required materials in one initial transaction. Savings cannot be applied retroactively after purchase. Proof of purchase or ownership of all materials is also required to qualify for PPI's Passing Guarantee.

Instructor Bio

Testimonials From Past Students

We surveyed our Environmental PE live online review course students right after they took their exams. Here's what they had to say about this course:

  • "Dr. Kumar did an exceptional job, both during the online portion and in providing help via the forum."

  • "I liked the live lectures because you could ask questions during the lecture. I also liked the recorded lectures because I could go back and listen to a portion again if it didn't make sense the first time."

  • "Information provided in the forum was useful and beneficial to helping me organize my notes and read what issues other students were having."

  • "What I liked most about the Office Hour sessions was the ability to follow up on weak areas. Also, Dr. Kumar introduced additional problems and info for the test."

  • "There were only a couple of questions on the exam that I had no idea on. The others I had at least been introduced to during the course."

  • "During the exam, there were no surprises on material content and I felt like I had seen all material covered on the exam during the review course."

  • "I don't think I would have been near as prepared without the course. It's really what kept me on track."

  • "During my review of the course materials while studying for the exam (after the class was over), I realized there was a lot of redundancy built into the lectures and exam topics. This was great because I felt like I really learned the topics."

  • "The course was definitely worthwhile. It may even rank ’10.’ I will let you know in 6-8 weeks."

  • "Dr. Kumar is a great professor. You could tell he genuinely wanted everyone to be successful."

Guarantee & Enrollment Changes

PPI is confident that you will pass your exam after completing this course. If you do not pass the exam (and you have met the course completion requirements), you may repeat the course for free. For complete guarantee requirements, view PPI’s Guarantees Page.

If you are waiting for exam results, you can still enroll in this review course. If you find out that you've passed your exam, PPI will happily refund 100% of the cost of enrollment.

Click here for complete enrollment change and cancellation details.

Already Own Some Required Material?

If you already own some of the required materials, you can click here to build your review course bundle.

  • Environmental PE Live Online Course (XENON0117A)
  • Environmental Engineering Reference Manual for the PE Exam (ENVRM3)
  • Practice Problems for the Environmental Engineering PE Exam (ENVPP3)
  • Environmental Engineering Practice PE Exams (ENPX3)
  • Environmental Engineering Solved Problems (ENSP3)
  • NCEES PE Environmental Engineering Practice Exam (NCPEN4)
  • A Dictionary of Civil, Water Resources & Environmental Engineering (CEWED)
  • Engineering Unit Conversions (UNIT4)
  • Casio FX-115 ES Plus Advanced Scientific Calculator (FX115ESP)
  • Customizable Book Tabs (TABPPI)

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Customer Reviews (View All - 12)

Added value Review by David
Dr. Kumar always delivered a good relevant lecture on the topic being discussed. All of the extra material he provided outside the required reference materials was excellent. The study schedule, practice problems, and overall course pace were right on target to what is required to be best prepared. (Posted on 5/12/2016)

Better Review by Eun Ju
I like An expain detail what I can understand (Posted on 3/1/2016)

Well Rounded Review Course Review by Fall 2015 Review Course Student (Anonymous)
I thought PPI gave me the confidence studying on my own has not. It was a well rounded review course set at an acceptable time with flexible communication tools, i.e. emails from professor and online forum. Plus the interactive classroom office hours were helpful in getting questions answered or understanding more complex ideas. (Posted on 11/10/2015)