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Copyright: 2014
Page Count: 1216
Format: Hardcover
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  • Michael R. Lindeburg, PE

    Author Information

    Michael R. Lindeburg, PE, is one of the best-known authors of engineering textbooks and references. His books and courses have influenced millions of engineers around the world. Since 1975, he has authored over 30 engineering reference and exam preparation books. He has spent thousands of hours teaching engineering to students and practicing engineers. He holds bachelor of science and master of science degrees in industrial engineering from Stanford University.



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    Environmental Engineering Reference Manual for the PE Exam (ENVRM3), 3rd Edition

    Comprehensive Environmental PE Exam Coverage

    The Environmental Engineering Reference Manual is the most comprehensive textbook for the NCEES Environmental PE exam. This book’s time-tested organization and clear explanations start with the basics to help you quickly get up to speed with common environmental engineering concepts. Together, the 58 chapters provide an in-depth review of important topics from the NCEES Environmental PE exam specifications. The extensive index contains thousands of entries, with multiple entries included for each topic, so you’ll find what you’re looking for no matter how you search.

    This book features:

    • over 100 appendices containing essential support material

    • over 500 clarifying examples

    • thousands of equations, figures, and tables

    • industry-standard terminology and nomenclature

    • equal support of U.S. customary and SI units

    After you pass your exam, the Environmental Engineering Reference Manual will continue to serve as an invaluable reference throughout your environmental engineering career.


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    Customer Reviews (View All - 20)

    Useful information testing or not. Review by Amazon.com Customer
    This is a huge collection of information, it is in its third edition. From my understanding as I can not get my hands on an old copy, it includes new material, content in line with current practice, improve consistency and readability.
    I have also seen some complaints that they took away the practice problems, now available in a separate publication.
    This is listed as a reference for those that are already an engineer and for study.
    My son is exploring his college options and engineering is one of his interests.
    There are 58 subjects covered in this manual. So far it has held his interest.
    It is solid publication covering a lot of areas listed as, Background and support, Flow of Fluids, Water Treatment, Ventilation, Combustion, Solid Waste, Health Safety & Welfare, System Mgmt, & Professional, and Support Material. (Posted on 5/5/2015)

    This is an excellent reference manual for the Professional Engineering exam Review by Amazon.com Customer
    This is an excellent reference manual for the Professional Engineering exam. The book covers some excellent PE problems and detailed course reviews. I feel like this would be an excellent supplement to a more detailed book with some more examples which are lacking in this. Overall, an invaluable source that is laid out in organized way and would definitely recommend this. (Posted on 5/5/2015)