How to Read PDF Files Protected with .ACSM on a Kindle Fire

Viewing a rights managed PDF E-Book (which is accessible only through an .acsm file) on a Kindle Fire is possible, but it requires some extra steps due to Amazon's proprietary software. The Aldiko Book Reader is a free, third-party application that allows you to view protected PDF files on your Kindle Fire. There are two ways to install the Aldiko Book Reader. Please use one of the following methods:

Option 1: Downloading and installing the Aldiko Book Reader directly to your Kindle Fire

  1. At the top of the Kindle Fire menu, click "More..." under the plus sign icon 
  2. Click Device, then choose ON for "Allow Installation of Applications"
  3. Open the browser on your Kindle Fire and type into your search bar 
  4. Choose the "Download from" option to download the application
  5. After it is downloaded, click the notification bar at the top of your Kindle's screen, select the .apk file you just downloaded, then click Install
  6. Verify the installation by opening up the Aldiko app, located under your Apps menu

Option 2: Transferring the Aldiko Book Reader from your computer to your Kindle Fire (a computer and an SD card is needed)

  1. Download the Aldiko Book Reader app to your computer from the Aldiko website here:
  2. Transfer the Aldiko Book Reader .apk installation file from your computer to the SD card of your Kindle Fire
  3. At the top of the Kindle Fire menu, click "More..." under the plus sign icon
  4. Click Device, then choose ON for "Allow Installation of Applications"
  5. Locate the Aldiko Book Reader .apk file in the SD card of your Kindle Fire, then click the file to install the app

Downloading Your E-Book(s) to the Kindle Fire

  1. If you haven't already done so, download and install Adobe Digital Editions software on your computer
  2. From your computer, download the E-Book(s) you wish to view on your Kindle Fire. You should see an .acsm file being downloaded in your browser window
  3. Open Adobe Digital Editions on your computer to download the E-Book(s)
  4. Attach your Kindle Fire to your computer via USB cable
    Note: Make sure your Kindle is turned ON before plugging it in with the USB cable, otherwise you will receive a "missing device driver" error.
  5. Click the Windows icon in the lower left corner of your computer screen, then click Documents
  6. Double click on the Kindle icon under the Computer menu
  7. Click the Windows icon again, click Documents again, then double click the My Digital Editions folder located in the Documents Library
  8. You should now have two windows open; one that shows the Kindle's Internal Storage, and one that lists the contents of your Digital Editions library. If not, repeat steps 5-7
  9. Drag and drop your book(s) from the Adobe Digital Editions Library to your Kindle
  10. Open the Aldiko app on your Kindle (located under your Apps menu)
  11. Click the Menu icon in the upper left corner of the Aldiko home page, then choose Files from the menu options
  12. Click Select All in the upper right corner of the Files page--this will check all of the boxes
  13. Click IMPORT in the upper right corner
  14. Your E-Books will download to the Aldiko bookshelf