Civil PE Live Online Review Course

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Civil PE Live Online Review Course

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Save $600 through December 8th. This bundle includes your course, required materials, and additional study tools. A $2,795 value for $2,195 when purchased by December 8th.

Live Online Course Schedules and instructor bios:

Live in California? Learn more about our California In-Person Civil PE review courses . PPI also offers Live Online CA Civil Seismic and Live Online CA Civil Surveying courses.

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About the Course

PPI’s Civil PE Live Online Review Course provides the tools you need to effectively prepare for and pass the NCEES Civil PE exam. Since 1975, our time-tested curriculum, expert instructors, and comprehensive materials have successfully prepared more than 3 million examinees.

In addition to 80 hours of live online and OnDemand expert instruction, you’ll complete homework from the 15th editions of the Civil Engineering Reference Manual, Civil Engineering Practice Problems, and other best-selling materials by PPI Founder Michael R. Lindeburg, PE. Please read below for a complete list of course features.

Your Review Course bundle Includes:

  • 80 hours of online instruction from an industry expert, with a thorough concentration on exam topics. The 80 hours is broken down as follows:

    • 42 hours of live online lectures. Follow along and interact with the class as your instructor reviews key engineering concepts. All live lectures are also recorded and posted to your course page for OnDemand viewing at any time throughout the course.

    • 10 hours of live online office hours. Ask questions about the homework, review additional practice problems, and interact with the instructor and other students. All office hours are also recorded and posted to your course page for OnDemand viewing at any time throughout the course.

    • 28 hours of OnDemand video lessons. The Ace the PE: Civil Videos series includes more than 30 video lessons by Andy Richardson, PE. Each lesson covers one topic from either the breadth or depth section of the Civil PE exam, and can be watched in any order so you can focus your attention on the engineering concepts most important to you. Each video lesson demonstrates how key engineering concepts are applied on the Civil PE exam by walking you through a step-by-step solution for each practice problem.

  • A full suite of references and study tools by PPI Founder Michael R. Lindeburg, PE, including the Civil Engineering Reference Manual. This course includes PPI’s Civil PE books, which are updated to current NCEES exam specifications and codes.

  • Detailed handouts of the presentation slides to download and print for convenient note-taking

  • Instructor-graded homework assignments from a structured syllabus

  • An online discussion forum for interaction with the instructor and peers throughout the course

  • Online quizzes to help assess your progress

  • A guarantee you will pass the exam, or you can repeat the course for free

Click the video below to learn more about PPI’s review courses.

Schedules and Class Meeting Times

PPI offers three Live Online Civil PE courses. All courses are 80 hours and include live instructor office hours. You have the flexibility to attend the live online classes, or watch the recordings of the live classes at your convenience. Please click the links below to view the class meeting times for this course.

The final day to access recordings, handouts, the course forum, and submit homework is Friday, April 21, 2017.

Topics Covered

Live Online Lectures

  • Project Planning (AM)

  • Means and Methods (AM)

  • Materials (AM)

  • Soil Mechanics (AM)

  • Structural Mechanics (AM)

  • Hydraulics & Hydrology (AM)

  • Geometrics (AM)

  • Site Development (AM)

  • Construction (AM Plus*)

  • Geotechnical (AM Plus*)

  • Structural (AM Plus*)

  • Transportation (AM Plus*)

  • Water Resources & Environmental (AM Plus*)

*AM Plus indicates that this lecture will cover topics relevant to both the breadth and depth exams.

OnDemand Video Lessons (Ace the PE: Civil Videos)

  • Construction

    • Earthwork (AM)

    • Estimating (AM)

    • Scheduling (AM)

    • QA/QC (PM)

    • Temporary Structures (PM)

  • Geotechnical

    • Soil Classification (AM)

    • Soil Properties (AM)

    • Soil Mechanics (AM)

    • Walls (AM)

    • Rigid Wall (PM)

    • Flexible & MSE Walls (PM)

  • Structural

    • Statics (AM)

    • Shear & Moment (AM)

    • Mechanics (AM)

    • Wood Design (PM)

    • Lateral Design (PM)

  • Transportation

    • Measurement (AM)

    • Horizontal Curves (AM)

    • Vertical Curves (AM)

    • Superelevation (AM)

    • Clearance (AM)

    • Culvert Design (PM)

    • Pavement Design (PM)

  • Water Resources & Environmental

    • Closed Conduit (AM)

    • Friction & Pumps (AM)

    • Open Channel (AM)

    • Stormwater (AM)

    • Hydrology (AM)

    • NRCS (AM)

    • NRCS (PM)

    • Drinking Water (PM)

Required Materials & System Requirements

This review course bundle includes all the required materials and study tools you'll need to successfully complete the course—by purchasing together, you save 15%, plus additional Early Bird savings of $150.

The NCEES recently adopted the 2014 edition of the ACI 318 code for the 2016 exams.  For your reference and convenience, we have included a PDF that cross references the 2011 ACI 318 and the 2014 ACI 2014. You may access the PDF by clicking here.  PPI is committed to supporting you in your efforts towards licensure, and providing the highest-quality content for your preparation.

This online course is hosted on Adobe Connect. To view system requirements, click here.

Review Course Only

To purchase the review course without the required materials, click here. Please note that the 15% bundle savings, plus additional Early Bird savings of $150, is only valid if you purchase the review course with the required materials in one initial transaction. Savings cannot be applied retroactively after purchase. Proof of purchase or ownership of all materials is also required to qualify for PPI's Passing Guarantee.

Instructor Bios

Testimonials From Past Students

We surveyed our Civil PE live online review course students right after they took their exams. Here's what they had to say about our courses:

  • "Andy is great. You can tell that he really loves engineering, and helping others to be better engineers."

  • "Great job. This course really motivated me to study my best and thoroughly prepared me for the PE exam. The study materials were optimal, and when I looked around the exam room, everybody seemed to have a copy of the CERM from PPI."

  • "I thought the homework selection was a good representation of the material covered in class and on the test."

  • "The live lectures gave the opportunity to ask questions and receive quick answers from the instructor, Andy, or another engineer with a different background and expertise."

  • "I live in Italy and didn't want to get up at 3:00 a.m. for the class, so the recordings were great. I also liked being able to pause during the lectures while doing practice problems to ensure I understood how to work the problems."

  • "The Office Hours were a great place to hash out problems and problem solving methods. Loved it!"

  • "If anything, the exam ended up being a lot easier than I thought it was going to be, mostly because of this Review Course."

  • "The class is worth every penny and I think Andy Richardson is a great instructor. I greatly appreciated the PPI material and course with helping me with the Civil PE exam."

  • "I liked the course and I felt very prepared. It was very helpful to know what topics to concentrate on so that I didn't have to re-read the entire CERM."

  • "I thought a huge benefit of PPI was that I was prepared for a harder test than the Civil PE proved to be. The homework, practice test, and how the instructor described the test kept me on a good track. I won't know if I passed for several weeks, but I feel as if I performed well and have a good chance on a passing score."

  • "It helped to know that the whole class was going through it together. It was also nice knowing you could ask a question and get an answer in real time."

  • "I liked the variety of problems answered and how it was tailored to the students. Some of us have done this test more than once and that knowledge and experience is very insightful."

  • "The review course did what it was supposed to do. It got me to commit to a systematic approach to studying. The course forced me to be methodical in problem solving and be aware of the bigger picture."

  • "I appreciate that you let students retake the course for free, as long as they have the required materials, if they do not pass the exam. This is the main reason I signed up for the PPI review course."

Additional Review

Guarantee and Enrollment Changes

PPI is confident that you will pass your exam after completing this course. If you do not pass the exam (and you have met the course completion requirements), you may repeat the course for free. For complete guarantee requirements, view PPI’s Guarantees Page.

If you are waiting for exam results, you can still enroll in this review course. If you find out that you've passed your exam, PPI will happily refund 100% of the cost of enrollment.

Click here for complete enrollment change and cancellation details.

Already Own Some Required Material?

If you already own some of the required materials, you can click here to build your review course bundle.

  • Ace the PE: Civil Videos (Review Courses)
  • Civil Engineering Reference Manual for the PE Exam, Print (Hardcover)
  • Practice Problems for the Civil Engineering PE Exam: A Companion to the Civil Engineering Reference Manual (CEPP15)
  • Civil PE Practice Examination (CEPE6)
  • Quick Reference for the Civil Engineering PE Exam (CEQR9)
  • Civil Engineering Solved Problems (CESP8)
  • 30-Day Civil PE Exam Cafe (EXCE30)
  • Engineering Unit Conversions (UNIT4)
  • Casio FX-115 ES Plus Advanced Scientific Calculator (FX115ESP)
  • Customizable Book Tabs (TABPPI)

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Customer Reviews (View All - 60)

Great Class and Instructor Review by Kenneth
Andy was very easy to follow and understand. The material was organized well and the handouts were very helpful. The required homework was very beneficial in making me work problems and recognizing where my weaknesses are. I felt I was well prepared for the AM portion of the exam and decently prepared for the PM portion. (Posted on 5/10/2016)

Average course Review by Jennifer
The instructor was knowledgeable, but not very passionate. The pace of the lectures varied a lot. The power point slides were lacking and could be so much more valuable if organized better. The fact that the instructor couldn't write well because of technical issues (using a mouse to write with? large pen thickness?) was very frustrating. Overall, the course is way over priced for the caliber of the presentation/lecturing. (Posted on 5/9/2016)

Overall Beneficial - Some Improvement Needed Review by Alison
The class overall was great. It is nice to be able to ask questions live, have a regular study schedule, have homework, and get tips. The class was a little slow moving at times, which made it easy to zone out. I also found there were times when the instructor would get a little confused, which was a bit frustrating. I think the problems were almost too rudimentary and there should have been more problems similar to what is encountered on the exam. The fundamentals should be a prerequisite to the review course. (Posted on 11/9/2015)