Breadth Practice Exam for the Civil PE (BPXC)

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Copyright: 2011
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    Breadth Practice Exam for the Civil PE (BPXC)

    Taking a practice exam is probably the easiest way to diagnose what areas of discipline need additional review. The Breadth Practice Exam for the Civil PE is intended to be a realistic replica of the 40 question morning-section of the Civil PE exam. The level of difficulty, format, and time constraints associated with the PE exam are all very important factors that can affect the exam candidate’s performance. Here are a few important questions that the Breadth Practice Exam will help you answer:

    • How quickly can you:

      • identify the discipline and topic of each question?

      • locate the discipline and topic of each question within our resources and reference?

    • Are your resources tabbed appropriately?

    • Can you answer each of the 40 problems in six minutes or less?

    This is why the Breadth Practice Exam is a great resource to help you prepare the Civil PE exam.

    Our approach to taking the PE Exam is simple: Pass the morning section of the PE Exam.

    This may sound a bit crazy considering each PE Exam candidate selects a specific discipline (afternoon section) for which they will specialize. But by default, the 40 questions in the morning section of the exam are going to be easier than the 40 questions in the afternoon. We feel that all candidates should capitalize on this particular element of the PE Exam. Here is why—in order to pass the exam, a score of approximately 70 percent or better is required (around 55 questions, give or take). If an exam candidate can make it through the morning section with 35 out of 40 correct (which is very possible), the candidate can make it through the afternoon section with 20 out of 40 correct and still pass the PE Exam. We are not recommending that candidates don’t prepare for the afternoon section. We simply recommend that all PE Exam candidates capitalize on the “easy” questions on the exam.

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    Customer Reviews (View All - 2)

    Nice collection of AM problems Review by DanHalen
    To do well on the AM exam you will need to work lots of AM style problems. This exam guide will help and should be part of your library of study guides. It has a few errors that should be obvious to you when you start working through it so just red line it and move on. This exam guide did a great job helping me prepare for the AM section along with my other study guides. I personally felt that problem #2 was a bit ridiculous (takes up a whole page to solve). I skipped it and worked the other 39 problems. (Posted on 4/21/2014)

    Excellent Review by Ariel
    Very realistic. Make more. (Posted on 4/17/2013)