Architecture Registration Exam (ARE) and NCIDQ Support

Support for Architecture (ARE) and Interior Design (NCIDQ) Examinees

In addition to our publications, we try to offer as much support as possible as you approach the licensing process and the exams. Here are some services and sources of information that we think will be helpful.

  • ARE FAQs and NCIDQ Exam FAQs
    Don't leave this site until you've read the FAQs for the exam you are going to take--you're guaranteed to learn something useful. If you have questions about the exam or any aspect of the licensing process, chances are good you'll find the answer here.
  • ARE Exam Forum and NCIDQ Exam Forum
    A free and useful feature on this web site, the ARE and NCIDQ Forums give exam candidates a chance to compare notes, ask questions, gloat, commiserate, and generally enjoy the camaraderie of fellow designers and architects.
  • State Boards of Architecture Registration
    Contact information and links to the Board web sites.
  • State Boards of Interior Design Registration
    Contact information and links to the Board web sites.
  • Architecture and Interior Design Links
    These are web sites with information and data that might be useful to you as you study for the exams.
  • Errata
    This page lists known errata for PPI publications. Use it to update your books as you study.
  • Email Updates
    Sign up here to receive email updates on exam changes, new products or other relevant information, tailored to the exam you're taking.
  • Tell Us What You Think
    Here's your chance to tell us how we can help you. We highly value customer comments.
  • Why Buy from PPI?
    Sure, we'd like you to buy our products directly from this site, but why should you? Here are a few good reasons.