Ace the PE: Civil Videos (Depth Only)

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Ace the PE: Civil Videos (Depth Only)

The Ace the PE: Civil Videos (Depth Only) includes 2 video lessons for the afternoon depth exam of your choice. These video lessons are designed to maximize your comprehension of some of the PE exam's most difficult afternoon depth topics.

Each lesson covers one topic from your specific depth (PM) section of the Civil PE exam, and together, they include nearly 3 hours of instruction.

Maximize your comprehension of civil engineering topics by listening to engaging instruction at your own pace. Each lesson demonstrates how key engineering concepts are applied on the Civil PE exam by walking you through a step-by-step solution for each practice problem.

Each lesson also includes printable notes that you can review before, during, or after a lesson to supplement your review.

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About the Instructor

Andy Richardson, PE, has more than 17 years of professional experience in structural and civil engineering. Richardson graduated magna cum laude from Clemson University with a bachelor of science degree in civil engineering and a minor in environmental science. In 2003, he passed the Civil PE exam, and in 2005, he passed the Structural I PE exam. He began his career at a civil and structural engineering firm, designing water, sewer, and drainage systems for small municipalities, then focused his expertise to the structural design of concrete, steel, masonry, and timber. In 2009, Richardson launched Structural Innovations, LLC, a structural engineering consulting company. Since 2012, Richardson has taught civil review courses for PPI, where he has used his education, professional skills, knowledge of codes, and passion for engineering to help more than 1,000 students prepare for their Civil PE exam.

Access Time & System Requirements

You will have 90 days of access to your video lessons. Access time begins upon purchase.

Videos are accessible across all devices in any browser, allowing for anytime, anywhere viewing. This is a streaming product requiring Internet access. Videos are not downloadable.

Construction Depth Topics

  • QA/QC (76 mins)

  • Temporary Structures (57 mins)

Geotechnical Depth Topics

  • Rigid Wall (88 mins)

  • Flexible & MSE Walls (75 mins)

Structural Depth Topics

  • Wood Design (88 mins)

  • Lateral Design (72 mins)

Transportation Depth Topics

  • Culvert Design (91 mins)

  • Pavement Design (86 mins)

Water Resources & Environmental Depth Topics

  • NRCS (96 mins)

  • Drinking Water (58 mins)

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Customer Reviews (View All - 1)

Waste of money for me Review by Adriana
It was nice to see some problems solved but for the price I paid, it was not worth it to watch 3 problems get solved, especially since there was nothing especially challenging about them. There was no theory explanations no testing methods covered. I'm sure it would have been more helpful if I had purchased the breadth review videos but I did just fine studying on my own (Posted on 5/6/2016)